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    Ground Control Simulator 2011 Full Free Download


    door pasica21

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    Ground Control Simulator 2011 Full Free Download:

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    In the simulation game Ground Control 2011 you cope as a member of the airport
    ground crew, the everyday tasks involved in an airport. They take over direct
    control of the ground vehicles, and control them independently in different
    missions. Your responsibilities fall in the typical areas of an airport, the
    hangar, the maintenance hangars, the parking lot or the runway. They take care
    of it for example the refueling of aircraft, the loading of baggage or the safe
    transportation of passengers to the aircraft. The more accurate and faster you
    complete your tasks, the more points you get in the missions. Of course you
    can also just in free play to their hearts content without any time pressure
    and control the individual vehicles at the airport.