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    Multi-million Dollar Auction to be Held at Christie's Hong Kong


    by NTDTelevision

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    The holiday season is now underway... and for the world's rich... a trip to Christie's Auction House in Hong Kong could set them back millions in rare items. This year's fall auction is expected to bring in over 400-million dollars.

    Global auction house Christie's kicked off its 2011 Hong Kong Autumn Sales.

    The auctions offer some of the rarest and most exceptional works in Chinese paintings, ceramics and works of art. It's expected to bring in more than 400-million dollars.

    Christie's says it's managed to get items not seen on the market for as much as 40 years.

    [Jonathan Stone, Chairman & Head of Asian Art, Christie's]:
    "So I think that notwithstanding the economic turmoil that is happening around the world, we are confident that the estimates are good, the property is good and that kind of quality is really what people want particularly in times of financial instability. So conversely, sometimes those kind of properties do exceptionally well in these more unstable times."

    A pair of over 35-carat flawless diamonds expected to fetch up to $9 million, along with a Harry Winston emerald brooch estimated to reach over $3 million and several important jade items.

    An early blue and white Ming moon flask is expected to reach in excess of $4 million.

    Previously sold in a separate category, Southeast Asian modern and contemporary art will enjoy a new level of international exposure when placed alongside art works from China, India, Japan and Korea.