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    Beijing's Largest Jewelry Expo Underway


    by NTDTelevision

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    Beijing's largest jewelry expo is now underway. With more than a thousand exhibitors from around the world, visitors can find everything from rare pearls to jade and more.

    This year's Beijing International Jewelry Fair, the city's largest exhibition of its kind, is now underway at the China World Trade Center.

    The fair features the works of around 1200 exhibitors from 22 countries.

    Inside the China World Trade Center, precious stones and materials of all different kinds fill the exhibition hall. Visitors crowded around several of the event's high-value attractions, including a booth with a special pearl necklace.

    "Each pearl on this necklace is very large and has a diameter of over 18 millimeters. Generally speaking, a pearl with a diameter larger than 14 millimeters is hard to find."

    Pieces made from jade have also been popular at this year's fair. One particular set of jade accessories entitled "Unsurpassed Beauty" stole the most glances from visitors.

    "Including their elegant colors and shapes, the nine pieces of this jade accessory set all come from a single rock. This is very uncommon among jade accessories."

    She added that a diamond was inlaid in the necklace's plum blossom shape to symbolize the desire to reach perfection.

    Perhaps the event's most prized item, a diamond ring inlaid with a 25-carat ruby from Burma, has aroused the interest of many visitors.

    "A ruby weighing more than five carats is rare, not to mention one weighing 25 carats. Also, the ruby's red color symbolizes luck in Chinese culture."

    The exhibition runs through Sunday.