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    Massive Chemical Warehouse Fire in Guangzhou


    by NTDTelevision

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    A massive blaze at a chemical warehouse in the southern city of Guangzhou is under control, after forcing thousands of residents to evacuate the area. More than a dozen firetrucks were dispatched to the scene. Here's that story.

    An explosion ripped through a warehouse at a chemical plant in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou on Thursday. It's forced the evacuation of about 6000 residents living nearby. No injures or death have been reported.

    It happened at about 1:30 in Thursday afternoon at a storage facility at the Futian Chemical Company in Guangzhou.

    Ninety firefighters and 15 fire engines were dispatched, and the situation was brought under control in about two hours, according to the Panyu Safety Supervision Bureau.

    A small amount of hydrogen chloride, a toxic gas, has been detected in the air in neighboring areas, and evacuated residents have yet to return home.

    [Zhou Dafu, Director, Panyu District Safety Supervision Bureau]:
    "An expert group has arrived at the scene and the findings will soon be released. A certain amount of toxic gas was detected in the air... The only thing that is unusual now is that we still feel uncomfortable in the throat."

    Firefighters are still at the scene to deal with the aftermath and to determine the cause of the blaze.