Art Hickman's Orch. - Cherry Cherokee, 1921

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Art Hickman's Orchestra - Cherry Cherokee, Fox-Trot (Moret), Columbia 1921
Originally recorded in USA, here is the British release dated ca 1925

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This is a remarkable cultural mix indeed... impossible to figure out for me what musical tradition this is supposed to represent. Kind of an orientalized ragtime with definite Japanese hints. I guess Cherokee was chosen for the alliteration matching with cherry. As always, the visual part of your video is superb. Thanks a lot for sharing!
Przez kspm0220s 3 lata temu
Hi Lana, Jack - thanks for your comments! It's a somewhat strange foxtrot with a very "heterophonic" music texture. It has elements of a rag time as well as the "Japanese" hints. And the title is "Indian", as Jack noticed. So, I had a problem how to illustrate such music. And I chose the most picturesque version, which ofcourse is Japan - a "country of a blooming cherry tree" . The pretext for it was that "cherry" in a title (hence the "Cherokee"... who knows what's that supposed to mean?) and presence of the "Japanese" orchestral motifs - which prove, perhaps, that Hickman had a similar kind of association?
Przez grzegorz240252 3 lata temu
Excellent music - video package. When I first saw the title I thought "Indian" rather than Japanese.
Przez Boston Blackie 3 lata temu
Hello Grzegorz - I simply love this cherry and red gooseberry theme - that foxtrot is super charming and adorable. Thanks a million and have a great weekend!!!
Przez tango3721 3 lata temu