Window Coverings for Living Room

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Window Coverings for Living Room - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Lauren Jacobsen, with Lauren Jacobsen Interior Design. When you enter the home, the first room you really see is the living room. The living room is usually more of a formal room, than, say, a family room. Some of the things to consider for your living room, is that there, #1, there is a lot of different window coverings that you can choose from. Style would definitely be one of your first considerations. Also, what kinds of furnishings do you have in the room? Are they more decorative? Are they more clean-line? Light is definitely a consideration, as well as temperature. Especially today, when we are trying to be so conscientious about the amount of energy that we use. The great thing about utilizing drapery is that you can mount the drapery higher than your windows. This adds a huge element of height and drama to any room. And then once you come to the floor, you can either have your drapery just touching the floor, or in this case, you can see that it is puddling, which is a real real drama moment in any room. And another option besides the more formal drape, is a very simple drape. A beautiful linen with a leading edge band, rod and ring, very very simple to operate. Another option you might have for your living room is the shutter. The shutter is very flexible, as far as light and temperature. You have this whole control mechanism. And if you think you cannot open your windows or operate your windows, you can. They easily hinge open and hinge closed. And not only that. Shutters today are not just white. They come in a variety of colors and stains. So you can coordinate this with your floors, you can coordinate this with your other furnishings. It is a great choice.