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    THANKS YOU FOR NOT LEAVING A DUSTY MESS!! Dear Chad, I would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful job you guys did on our floors. Our maintenance guy thanks you for NOT leaving a dusty mess, or any mess for that matter! Sunrise Companies

    THE FLOORS LOOK SHINY AND NEW!!! Chad at Mr. Sandless is fantastic to work with. His crew has refinished the wood floors in our venue several times with great results. The floors here are over 100 years old and annually take a beating from large groups, but once the floors are refinished, they look shiny and new - we always receive endless compliments on how amazing they look. Chad has been very responsive, insightful, easy to work with and always makes sure the job is done right and to our satisfaction. We highly recommend Mr. Sandless!

    BEAUTIFUL FLOORS!! Beautiful floors! Our customers have been complimenting them all week! Dixie's Pub