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    Building a German U-Boat

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Art Showcase: German U-Boat - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. This is my current project. It is going to be a 1941 German U-Boat. So I am doing the conning tower and the upper gundeck full size. And it will be going in our pond, and it will be buried probably 3 to 7 feet in the water, depending on the depth of the water in the pond. So, our guests will be able to go up on the gun deck, I am putting a Lazy Susan table, patio umbrella, so you will be able to have a glass of wine, or a drink on the gun deck. So basically this part is full size. I have recycled television tower for the base. This is the top rail from the fencing around a swimming pool. I am using the sheet metal from the above ground pool to put the skin on. And up on top you notice I have already got the base for the two periscopes which are, I think they are '37 Ford rear axle housings, so they worked out beautiful for the periscope base. And then the base for the gun deck is a pedestal of a table, and I will be using a cedrill farm wheel for the Lazy Susan table part, and then building the gun and then putting the patio umbrella on top. So I have been working on this for five weeks now, so I am way ahead of where I thought I had be. So, launch date will probably be June of 2012. So, it should be an exciting time.