The IT Crowd (US Pilot)

Fanni Stegeweg
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The american pilot of the It Crowd from 2007.

It's amost the same script, except not funny.

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Hello, sR. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Von Denny Crane vor 2 Wochen
It's amost the same script, except not funny.

So it's just like the original.
Von Jake Otto letztes Oktober
My main issue is that it's just copied word for word from the UK version. I think that had they taken some of the main ideas from the original pilot, but the made their own out of the rest, it could have been a lot better. Hopefully the upcoming reboot will do it better...
Von WhiteWolfofRivia letztes Oktober
Not bad at all!
Von Bu letztes September
I think it was alright, kinda like the US Office. The first two seasons were basic copies of the UK version, but afterwards it became it's own thing. I think that it could have developed in to it's own show if they written episodes with different stories but had the same feel as the UK version. Also get a better Jen.
Von Jordan Hawkins letztes Juli
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