The IT Crowd (US Pilot)

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The american pilot of the It Crowd from 2007.

It's amost the same script, except not funny.

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IT Crowd ended too soon, I would like more episodes. But not the same. And not worse. And with different actors. No, that would not be ideal.
And why? is the british accent too much for american audience?
Von Diego Floor Letztes Juni
this is shit, just a shit version of the original
Von tayorous Letztes Mai
What is the interest ? I don't understand ...
Von Ruby Arwen Dior Letztes April
I don't understand why they even considered this remake. I understand why a foreign show might be remade, in English, when the original is in French or whatever, because some people really don't like subtitles, but why wouldn't I just watch the original IT Crowd? It's already in English. Duh. And I sure am glad Joel McHale wasn't stuck doing this show so that he could go be in Community instead!
Von Kassie Shaw Letztes April
Hello, sR. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Von Denny Crane Letztes Februar
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