Secrecy Surrounds Investigation into China's High-Speed Rail Collision

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After a deadly train crash in Wenzhou, doubt was cast over the safety of China's ever growing high-speed railways. But reports from the three-month investigation into the cause of the accident are being kept from the public.

People across China have anxiously been awaiting the results of an investigation into a deadly high-speed rail collision in Wenzhou. The July crash killed 40 and injured hundreds more.

But so far, the public has been left in the dark, the results of the investigation have been locked away by the Chinese regime.

Further confusing matters are conflicting statements by probe deputy director, Wang Mengshu. A railway expert, Wang was quoted on Monday in state-run Beijing Times that mismanagement and human error caused the crash. Shortly after, the story was withdrawn.

The very next day he told CCTV that he was misquoted and had not been involved in the entire investigation.

Over the past decade, China's high-speed rails have spread throughout the country. But incidents like the Wenzhou tragedy has raised concerns that safety was overlooked in the mad dash to build. Preliminary reports blame the crash on defective signaling systems. It's unclear whether or not the Chinese regime will make the results of the investigation public.