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    Home Décor Tips: Color Options for Bathrooms

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Home Décor Tips: Color Options for Bathrooms - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, my name is Jane Mogel, I am with Jane Mogel Interior Design in New York City, and today we are going to be talking about selecting colors for your bathroom. Bathrooms typically are the smallest rooms in your home. Therefore I do not think you should do a very bold, dark color. I think that a color like this is going to close in the space, therefore I would not suggest doing that. Also a color like this red would probably not be a great idea. Although sometimes people want to be daring and sort of surprise people when they come into their home. So if you feel daring, why not go for one of these? Instead, I think a smarter choice would be to go with a soft neutral color. Often bedrooms are painted in these colors, so if the bathroom is coming off of the bedroom you may want to do one or two shades lighter than these colors for the bathroom. And another thing to think about is the marble or the counter-tops. Sometimes people use this Carrara marble, which is a white with a pale gray veining. It might be nice to do the pale gray to pick up the accent color of the marble in the bathroom. Also think about the lighting in the bathroom. If you have a lot of light, you could go a little bit darker with the color. So if you wanted to do something with a little more impact than these colors, you might want to consider a color like this if you have sufficient lighting in the room.