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    Kitchen Decoration Inspiration - Home Décor

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

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    Kitchen Decoration Inspiration - Home Décor - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Depending on what style your kitchen is, you might have a traditional kitchen, you might have a modern kitchen, either way there are always ways to accessorize. This is a traditional kitchen, where there is just a Roman shade at the window, and it gives some color, it works with the tile. Whatever your tile is you just sort of pull out the color one of the colors in there, or you can even contrast. There is actually no blue in the tiles of this kitchen but they are using blue Roman shade and blue fabric. So you can think about how to make it pop. And the way to do that is to take some fabric swatches or take some pillows, if you have chairs in your dining room and you want to put cushions on your chairs, go to your local store. Or if you are working with a decorator or a designer, talk to them about what kind of fabric is going to actually pop with the existing tiles and existing background of your built-ins in your kitchen. In this case, there is a blue banquette cushion and it matches with the Roman shade, and it just gives a special pop to the kitchen. There is also bowls with fruit, obviously fruit gets eaten, you will just have to refill it, and even so you will just have a nice bowl on your counter top. If you go to your local home decorating stores you will find bowls and platters in different materials like copper, or silver or silver plate or pewter or wood, and you can have some fun with that. You just bring it in and you see what is going to work best for you and it can be fun. You can also bring in accessories for your dining table, obviously placemats and runners and different vases. This is a modern kitchen, and what that means is that the cabinetry does not have a lot of moldings on it, it is much more straight lined, more minimal. So depending on what kitchen you have, you can use different window treatments. This is a woven wood window treatment and it is a really fabulous material for a kitchen because it can be made private but it lets light in and it is just an open weave material so you can get a little bit more privacy or have the sun blocked a little bit but it still lets light in. And in this kitchen there is a vase with planter, there is a cheese board, there is some great pewter cups, putting different spices in different cups. So those are a couple of suggestions for your kitchen, and good luck decorating.