Eyebrow Touchups at Home

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Eyebrow Touchups at Home - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am China Smith, with Unique Faces Makeup Studio. To embellish your eyebrows you want to definitely have a brow brush or a sponey. You want to follow the direction of your hairs, and brush them, make sure you have a smooth effect. We are going to select the correct pencil. Eyebrow pencil I am going to use. And what you want to do is trace the angle of your brow, and you trace in the direction of the way your hairs are growing. And you are lightly stroking the brow pencil into the brows. And do not worry if you have a mistake. That is okay, we are going to go back and use the sponey again and we can kind of bring the color down a little bit. And we are just following the direction of it, giving you a definition of your brow. And you should have somewhat a definition from filling it in with a pencil. But we are going to take that sponey back again and just brush over it because it may be to dark for some of us and that sponey will lighten the color. And the trick of it all will be the actual concealer. The concealer will give you the definition and the arch that you are looking for. As you can see I do not have an arch. My brow grows round. So you take the angle brush and you go directly under that brush, and again you are following and tracing the angle of the brow. And make sure you blend it down. This will save you time and money ladies. Brushing it down, and the same thing, you want to go on top and trace it at the top as well, just following the shape of your brow, actually following the direction of the drawing you did with the pencil. Again you want to make sure it is blended. So you can blend upwards, come back down, just if you had any errors. So if you had a pencil out of place or anything like that, the concealer should cover that up. You can take your finger, which is your ring finger, and blend it with your finger, top as well. And there you have it, money and time saved. Now you can see the difference from a brow defined and a brow that is not. A pencil and a little concealer can get you this look.