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    Derya Arms

    Derya Arms

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    Shooting Industry founded in Konya in 2000 Derya, a semi-automatic shotgun and super poze adventure began with the production of manufacturing. This proves the quality of the adventure of manufacturing Derya Gun Industry, Turkey's market has proven itself, which exports to many countries abroad has become an internationally renowned company. In 2000, 12 caliber semi-automatic product Lion'u, super poze 9mm shotgun Derya in 2005. calibrated pipette product shotgun, hunting rifle in 2006, 36 Caliber single break in 2010, the Meriva with the semi-automatic shotgun weapon to held their passion.
    Derya Shooting Industry, as well as the quality of its product range on the attention garnered by competitors. Many firms engaged in weapons production, the production of counterfeit products is Silah'ın Derya. However, the quality of products produced in the counterfeit products, Derya Silah'ın catch.