Mr.Mallanna Episode 8

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Mr. Mallanna is a socio-fantasy with lots of fun and a human element attached to it that good will always win over evil ! A rich old man is on his death bed and the only heir to his property, his grand daughter is in a foreign country. The old man dies after handing over the details of the property to his trusted servant Mallanna and asks him to hand it over to his grand daughter. Rajanala who is the villain comes to know that Mallanna has the knowledge about the property and catches him and tortures him . Mallanna does not reveal anything and in the scuffle he is killed. His atma enters a 100 rupee note. The note has a strange quality. It will make a good person do good things and a bad person do bad things. Now this 100 rupee note travels from person to person and the journey is hilarious. In the process two small children bring Mallanna out of the note. How it finally reaches the grand daughter and hands over the treasure forms the rest of the story. There is a magic mirror and a magician and lots of graphic elements which take the viewers on a fun filled journey.