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    Hong Kong's Disneyland Meets Toy Story


    by NTDTelevision

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    In Hong Kong, Disneyland gets bigger with the launch of expansion pack Toy Story land. Visitors are invited to see the world from a toy's point of a view. Let's take a look.

    Hong Kong's Disneyland unveils the newly completed Toy Story Land, based off of the hit Toy Story trilogy. It's the first of three expansion projects the amusement park is set to release by 2013.

    The idea behind Toy Story land is to make visitors feel as if they've shrunk down to the size of a toy.

    [Joe Lanzisero, Creative Sr. VP, Walt Disney Imagineering]:
    "I think it's really fun, really cool—the idea of being shrunk down to the size of a toy. You know I think what we do best is to create these environments that completely immerse you. When you walk into our parks and you're no longer in the real world, you're transported to a completely different place."

    A visitor who tried the 82-feet 'Toy Soldier Parachute Drop' enjoyed it.

    [Mandy Petty, Visitor]:
    "It was fabulous, great fun! Great view of the park when you get up the top and it was just great dropping down. It wasn't too scary, just within the comfort zone."

    Hong Kong's Disneyland is the smallest of the Disney parks. It underperformed in the years since it's establishment. The Hong Kong government, that has a 52% stake in the park, is eager to improve its financial returns.

    The park is hoping the expansion project, which will increase the parks size by 23%, will bring in more visitors.