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    Job Fairs Attract Thousands in Guangzhou


    by NTDTelevision

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    And jobs were on the mind of thousands of college grads in Guangzhou City Saturday. Several job fairs were held across the city, with thousands of grads all competing to get the attention of prospective employers.

    Job fairs were held on Saturday in Guangzhou City in southern China... attracting thousands of graduates and employers.

    A job fair specialized in banking and financial industries was held at Ji'nan University. Thanks to increasing salaries and good career prospects, positions offered by banks, especially local banks, have become popular among job seekers over the past few years.

    Many graduates say that they prefer local companies, as there are more opportunities in Guangzhou.

    "Career prospects are my first concern, so I prefer Guangzhou and Shenzhen where more opportunities are available, especially in Guangzhou."

    Meanwhile, another fair that specialized in technological industries also attracted lots of vocational school students.

    Sixty employers offered more than 2,000 job opportunities at the fair, and most of them are badly in need of skilled workers.

    Most vocational graduates paid more attention to career prospects instead of salaries.

    "I prefer a job which will help me improve my skills. Money is actually not that important."

    Forty-four additional job fairs are already in the works to help more than 600,000 graduates to land a career.