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    Snow Brings Tourists to China's "North Pole Village"


    by NTDTelevision

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    Continuous snowfall has brought tourists flocking to northeast China, to a beautiful area known as "North Pole Village." Despite freezing temperatures, some of the tourists are camping outside to enjoy the natural scenery.

    High up in the mountains of northeast China lies Mohe County, an area known as China's "North Pole" -- famous for its fresh air, simple customs and traditional values.

    The beauty of Mohe County in Heilongjiang Province attracts tourist all year round -- even in winter, when snow covers its northern-most village in pure white and temperatures can drop to 33 degrees below zero.

    [Mrs Huang, Tourist]:
    "Although it is cold here, the scene is really a feast for the eyes."

    "North pole village" is an ideal location to make a snow man, or to join a snowball fight.

    "We are very lucky that it began snowing the same day we came here and we're really having great fun."

    In the evenings, some of the more hardy visitors camp in the open air to challenge themselves and enjoy the natural scenery.