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Wii and Nintendo DSI Points Card Generator v 1.1


by johnydevit

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It is now time to release a generator for the free Nintendo Wii Points Card. The Nintendo Wii Points Card can be redeemed to be used for the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop.The coding for Nintendo Wii Points Card Generator uses the same coding we use for all of our other generators, but with upgraded formula. Normally our other generators take a 10-15 seconds to valid if the code is or not. Now it will only take a few seconds.

1. Select the amount you want to generate ranging from 100 Points, 300 Points, 500 Points, and 1000 points.
2. Hit “Generate” and make sure the green check mark show up.
3. Copy the free microsoft points and redeem it on Nintendo DSi Shop.
4. Enjoy and share this with all your friends using the like button and the share button at the end of this post.

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Hi, Working Nintendo Dsi Points Code, you can get on this website
all point codes are tested and working!!!
By Trudy Simpson Last year