Yahuwah never said He loved the world

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Charles Picauly
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In the Christian Bible, John 3:16, we read for God so loved the world. Is this true? Is this what our heavenly Father said? Is this really what YAHUWAH our Alahym said in scripture?
What we see here is that the lying pen of the scribes has made the word a lie, or Christian translations have corrupted the blessed words the righteous or orderly people. Hebrew: tsavah or Greek: kosmos
Other scriptures for study are 2Peter 2:5, Romans 4:5, Romans 5:6, James 3:14-15, Isaiah 38:1, Revelation 18:2, John 17:9,1John 2:15-17,1John 5:19,1John 3:23, Psalm 50:23, Exodus 9:30, Acts 10:35, Revelation 22:15

My brothers and sisters be careful to whom you are listening in these last days, and be also warned because those who make up the world of the ungodly' are outside and excluded from the blessing revealed in John 3:16.

Therefore always connect first with the YAHUWAH through Yahuwshuwa, never stop learning, Increase your knowledge, and also visit www.saviorministries.nl

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