Art Showcase: Passage Through a Chainlink Cloud

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Art Showcase: Passage Through a Chainlink Cloud - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. This piece is called passage through a chainlink cloud. And I am using the associations, negative associations, with chainlink fence, having to do with confinement or exclusion, and contrasting them to the therial qualities of freedom, of free floating clouds. But in order to get it the clouds you have to pass through the somewhat forbidding narrow spaces and into the piece, or go through theses narrow spaces. I built it out of material, chain link material that resembles real of full scale chainlink fences. It happens to be that screening that you buy for your fireplace that hangs as a curtain very often. And when it turns out when it is streched out it really looks like chainlink fence at a small scale. And the upright studs are just wooden dowels spray-painted silver, and they are held together with wire. Part of the impulse for this was, I used to walk my dog in the very, very early morning hours, before my kids were up, before I went to work. And it was still dark. You know 5 or 6 in the morning. And it was not a terribly safe neighborhood. And my attention to peripheral vision was just intense and I was mildly aware that danger could happen. And I would see this vibrating stuff happening and I would think that somebody was in the bushes, or, you know, stalking me. When I had look. they disappear. And then I realized what I have seen was, I was in a section of the park, in east village there were two chainlink fences were parallel and it was creating theses moray patterns. So there is a whole sense for me about chain link and paranoia and then relief when I realized it was just that incredible phenomena of the vibrating chainlink. It was just this tremendous sense of contradiction and relief and also the realities of the world where, yes, someone might try to mug me, but in fact no one ever did.