Art Showcase - Edie Superstar

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Art Showcase - Edie Superstar - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Charlene Lanzel, and I am an artist from New York City. This is a newer painting I did called Edie Superstar, and it is from a new series I am working on called Idol Worship. And these are a little different from my pin-up art in that I started adding gold leaf to the paintings. You can see I put gold back here behind her. And this is a painting of Edie Sedgwick, and she was Warhol's muse. I read a book about Edie when I was still living back home before I moved to New York. And the whole scene and all the creativity that they were involved with in the Beatnik movement really inspired me to move to New York. So I did this painting of Edie. It is acrylic on canvas as well as 12 carat gold leaf.