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Umm, do you really prefer this one to mapquest?

A relatively new mapping service, Bing Maps allows user a great way to explore a city with many interactive features. Previously known as Windows Live Map, Bing Maps re-launched in 2009 with many features that can be extremely useful for the user.

One such feature is the Venue Maps, which provide layouts for select venues around the world. If a person wants to know how to navigate an airport they are unfamiliar with, for example, Venue Maps allow a person to get a feel for the layout before ever setting foot in that place. They can also look through sports stadiums to help find their seat. This can help a person find the correct entrance to use, saving time and allowing a person to start enjoying the game immediately. This can help make navigating this unfamiliar venue much easier and save a significant amount of time.

Another good feature of Bing Maps is its use of ClearFlow technology to give a user the route with the best traffic conditions. Taking collected traffic information, it will route the user around area of high congestion or problem routes dealing with an accident or stalled car. This way, a person will be confident they will arrive at their destination on time and not get snarled in congestion.

Bing Maps also allows users to install third party apps with particularly useful information. These can include parking finders, gas prices, a fare calculator when for taking a taxi, and an app that allows you to find Facebook friends throughout the city. All of these can provide interesting facts about a given city, allowing you to find friends and save time and money in the process.

With more of these third party apps being developed daily, Bing Maps promises to provide more integrated information for the user, while improving functionality and accuracy. Bing Maps looks to be the leader in mapping technology soon.
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