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    Color Tires Fresh Off Production Line


    by NTDTelevision

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    For those looking to really customize a car down to the tire, China's new technology might be just the thing. No longer are people confined to just boring old black tires, with the first colored tires being produced in Shandong Province.

    On Wednesday, Chinese tire company the Doublestar Group manufactured its first colored tires. It's another step in increasing customizability and individualization in the automobile industry.

    Surprisingly, color tires are not purely ornamental, as the chief engineer of the Doublestar Tire Corporation explains.

    [Lin Xiangyang, Chief Engineer, Doublestar Tire Corporation]:
    "Color tires have two advantages. The first is the new materials they use reduce rolling resistance by 20 percent, meaning more oil can be saved. The other is their reduced braking distance, which provides safer driving."

    Tires are naturally black because of a material called carbon black contained in the rubber. The Doublestar tires are bleached and then dyed. Two years were spent figuring out how to best produce the tires. Every day 20,000 are being made.

    They've designed various tires for cars, heavy-duty trucks, and military vehicles.

    While colorful tires might no be on the top of the military's shopping list, no doubt some individuals seeking that extra bit of customization will line up to have them.