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    China Develops New Rice Breed


    by NTDTelevision

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    A team of Chinese scientists has developed a a new type of brown rice. It's gotten a lot of attention because it has a much higher amount that can be eaten after it goes through processing.

    New germinated brown rice attracted a lot of attention at an agricultural fair in Changsha, the capital city of China's Hunan Province.

    It was developed by a research team headed by China's "father of hybrid rice," Yuan Longping.

    [Liang Haiquan, Chief Expert, Longping Grain Society]:
    "With 50 kilograms of rice, we can only produce 15 to 20 kilograms of polished rice. If we eat brown rice planted by the germinating method, the edible yield could reach 35 kilograms for 50 kilograms of rice, which is an increase of over 20 percent. This is important for food security and the problem of reduction in arable land."

    The new rice is supposed to taste better than ordinary brown rice and has more nutritional value than traditional brown rice or polished rice.

    [Liang Haiquan, Chief Expert, Longping Grain Society]:
    "I have a principle: never sacrifice yield for quality, and seek quality on the premise of yield. Now we succeded. You see, what the Longping Grain Society presents today is quality rice, which has all met the standards for China's second-grade rice quality."

    Besides newly deep-processing products of hybrid rice, over 100 thousand new agricultural products are exhibited at the fair, with over 2,000 branded agricultural products from China and abroad.

    The agricultural fair opened this week and wraps up next Tuesday.