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    Video Shows Vietnamese Marine Police Ramming into Chinese Vessel


    by NTDTelevision

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    Vietnamese marine police blocked a Chinese marine surveillance vessel from trespassing into its territorial waters.

    The incident happened in October. Video footage—posted on YouTube—shows the Vietnamese vessel ramming into the Chinese ship to stop it from intruding in Vietnam's waters.

    Tension between China and Vietnam over the sea dispute has escalated in recent months.

    In June this year, Chinese ships prevented Vietnamese vessels from carrying out oil and gas exploration in the South China Sea. The incident triggered protests against the Chinese regime nearly every week in Hanoi.

    On October 11th, the two communist countries signed a pact to settle their ongoing sea conflicts.

    But, barely two weeks later, a Chinese state newspaper published an editorial warning of the "sounds of cannons."

    On Monday, the Chinese regime made two new claims in the South China Sea.

    The South China Sea is believed to hold large oil and gas deposits. China, Vietnam, and four other countries, have competing claims on portions of the sea, with China staking the largest claim.