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    Will the Pursuit of Happiness Make You Happy?


    Will the Pursuit of Happiness Make You Happy?
    L2 - Morgan Museum
    Module 2

    The Pivot

    Michael Lazerow
    CEO, Buddy Media

    Panel: Prestige Voices

    John Jannuzzi
    Editor, Lucky Magazine

    LeAnne Gualt
    Social Media Manager, Viking Range Corporation

    Mac Joseph
    Manager, Social Media Marketing, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

    The Design Philosophy of the New York Times

    Tom Bodkin
    Asst. Managing Editor & Design Director, the New York Times

    Upside-Down Data

    Geoff Watts
    Co-Founder, EDITD

    Panel: Web 2.0 CEO Predictions

    Victola Ransom
    Founder & CEO, Wildfire

    John Tomich
    CEO & Co-Founder, OneStop

    Tom Phillips
    CEO & Co-Founder, m6d

    Oren Michels
    CEO & Co-Founder, Mashery

    The Pursuit of Happiness

    Jennifer Aaker
    Professor, Stanford University's Graduate School of Business