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    Learn UAS from the USB 3.0 Architecture Update course ...


    by GogoTraining

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    This video discusses:
    •History of Bulk
    •Goals for UAS

    This video is part of the USB 3.0 Architecture Update course which you will gain the most current knowledge of the third generation of USB - SuperSpeed USB. We will thoroughly examine the increased transfer rates to 5.0Gbps, improved flow control and power management, as well as the changes to the protocol layers. USB 2.0 is briefly reviewed because USB 3.0 is required to be completely backwards compatible.

    Course Prerequisites:
    Some understanding of the USB 2.0 specification.

    Course Objectives:
    As a result of taking this course, you will be able to:
    •Explain the required backward compatibility with USB 2.0
    •Discuss the details of the new bus architecture
    •Define the new SuperSpeed data flow model
    •Identify host and device requirements
    •Analyze actual traffic on the bus, including the different transfer types
    •Describe the new power management features
    •Implement requirements at the physical, link, and protocol layers
    •Knowledge of all the Super Speed USB updates as of January 2011, 1-877-546-4446