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    Window Coverings for Family Room

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Window Coverings for Family Room - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. When you are choosing window coverings for your family room, there is a lot of different things to consider. How much light is coming into the room? How much heat is coming into the room? Are there kids? Are there pets? Do you watch television in this room? And do you need to have a certain amount of anti-glare at a certain time of day, because, the TV, you would not be able to see the screen. So, an example here is a really nice, soft Roman. This adds a softness to the room, it is fabric, so it adds a sound-proofing. It makes the room feel warm, it just sort of makes it feel snuggle-pearl. And you can also pull in different types of fabrics and colors. And again you can layer, or you can just do a simple Roman by itself. Also a lot of these are remote controlled. So let us say you are watching TV, the sun's coming down, and you are thinking, oh my gosh I cannot see the TV any more, but who is going to get up and pull all the blinds so that we do not get the glare. So this is a great way to have remote controlled control of all the window coverings in your room, and it makes things very, very simple. Another option for the family room is a simple roller shade. This is a great example here and it shows roller shades are not just white shades any more like your grandmother used to have. Now they come in all kinds of colors and all kinds of textures. And it really, really adds a wonderful element to the room. You can also do a decorative edge, like for example right here we have a little gimp detail. And you can do that and color coordinate with other furnishings in the room. It adds a lot of interest, and it adds a lot of detail that sort of calls out your room to be something exceptional. So these are some great options that you have for decorating your family room.