Christmas Trees and Decoration Ideas

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Christmas Trees and Decoration Ideas - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Some people ask, is every tree a good Christmas tree? Well, no. Sometimes they are crooked, sometimes a branch breaks off, sometimes we hit it with a lawnmower or a deer rubs its antlers on there. Trees that are not perfect we cut up ourselves, bring the branches inside here and we cut up the trees into different sections. This is the White Pine, and she is going to cut these up and we are going to make miles of garland out of this. Other branches, the Frasier Firs especially, we are going to cut up and we will make wreathes out of these. This wreath ring has different clamps around it. Our ladies will arrange the clumps and lay them around this, make a beautiful wreath. Decorating trees is a very personal preference and you have to find out what suits you in particular. Like in our wreathes here, some people like the traditional look, red bows, unnatural looking berries, and your trees could be similarly themed to that. Some of our wreathes we get into the white-tipped pine cones, a little brighter colors, and you just have to choose what suits your fancy. This wreath has a little more natural look to it. Some raffia ribbons and bows, a little more natural colors, and a cute little Christmas tree sled on it. You do not have to be traditional, red bows and stuff, you can have a little fun with these things. Same with your Christmas tree at home. Bright colors, just make it something that you enjoy. Greens, golds, purples, pinks, fruits, little gold highlights in the pinecones. Have fun with it, do something that you enjoy looking at.