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    Planning for Thanksgiving Dinner

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

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    Planning for Thanksgiving Dinner - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Holidays are a very busy season in the catering industry, that is when my staff and me are at our highest point of work and we really need to organize the best. If we were not organized and we did not know how to plan parties, we would be lost. So I have a few tips for you so you are not overwhelmed making a Thanksgiving dinner for your family. Number one: Start a few days ahead of time. There are some things you can do before, like making croutons, cutting some of your vegetables and your onions, brining your turkey. Do not leave everything until the last day. If you do that you are going to have a lot more fun on the day of Thanksgiving. Number two: Take some time and read recipes. Learn the timing. If something takes 40 minutes, know that ahead of time. Do not look at a recipe while you are making something. Treat it like a book or like a class, read it beforehand, really get to know it, so when you are doing it, it is instinct, it is something you have learned. Number three: When making a recipe, do not follow the recipe. Learn the techniques. Understand why things are what they are and why things go together. And then you can improvise and have fun. The kitchen should be a labor of love, it should not just be hard work. Those are some ways to make your Thanksgiving a lot more fun.