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    How to Avoid Gaining Weight After Holiday Meals

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    How to Avoid Gaining Weight After Holiday Meals - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

    Thanksgiving Dinner - Body Preparation for Calorie Intake: Nutrition

    If you know you're going to go out, all out, at your holiday meal, and you want to see what you can do before and after the meals to help mitigate the calories, it's a great idea to be, to bump up your exercise the week before and the week after the holiday meal.

    You can do that by increasing how frequently you exercise. So if you normally walk 3 days a week, you could walk 5 days a week. You could increase the intensity. So if you normally walk, you might run. Or you could increase the duration. So if you normally go 30 minutes, you could go an hour. But I would do that for the week prior in the week after the Thanksgiving or the holiday meal. Also the day of, it's not a bad idea, and it's good family activity to do a walk, or some sort of exercise in the morning, and then again in the evening, rather than just sitting on those calories.

    For the meal itself, for the day itself, don't wait and save up all your calories for the meal. That's a horrible idea, because that just makes you eat more than you would normally eat, and it doesn't usually work. So definitely have a breakfast, but a light healthy breakfast that morning, like a whole-wheat piece of toast with an egg, or a fruit smoothie with yogurt, .or whole grain cereal with low fat milk. And try to have the Thanksgiving meal, if you can push to have it at around 1 to 2 o' clock. That way, you still have time to digest and metabolize the meal the rest of the day, and still have time to fit in your afternoon walk.

    Then, the third thing to watch out for would be the leftovers. So, no one's ever gotten fat from 1 meal, but if you continue to eat those high calorie foods for the next week, that definitely adds up. And so maybe use the turkey breast meat in salads or in sandwiches. But try to avoid the high calorie leftovers. Give them away, send them home with other people. Bring them to work for your coworkers, but try to avoid eating those.