Fans Disappointed after China Fails to Qualify for World Cup

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Wednesday was a disappointing day for soccer fans in China. The Chinese team has failed to qualify for the 2014 World Cup tournament in Brazil. China has not qualified for the World Cup since 2002.

Chinese fans were let down Wednesday, after China's National Soccer Team failed to qualify for the 2014 World Cup. Even renowned Spanish coach Jose Antonio Camacho could not help the team make the competition.

Jordan, Iraq, China and Singapore were grouped together in the third round qualifiers for the World Cup Asia Zone. China scored a combined total of six points in five rounds, and officially was dropped from the finals once Iraq beat Jordan Tuesday.

That same day, China's team beat Singapore in a 4-0 match.

[Zhao Yang, Beijing Citizen]:
"I am happy about China's victory last night. But I'm also very sad that we didn't make it to the next round. As for Camacho, although he is a world renowned coach, maybe he isn't well adapted to the situation in China and the 'Chinese characteristics.'"

Camacho is a former Spain and Real Madrid coach. He signed a three-year contract with the Chinese team, replacing Gao Hongbo in August.

[Zhang Peiliang, Beijing Citizen]:
"They still didn't make it even under the guidance of Camacho. It makes us feel a big thump in our chest. It is very depressing. I think it is understandable for soccer fans to feel this way. As one of them, I feel very disappointed. I really don't know when is the next time for China to enter the World Cup."

The last time China qualified for the World Cup was 2002, when it was hosted in South Korea.