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    18 Children Die in Mini-bus Crash in Northwest China


    by NTDTelevision

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    At least 18 children and two adults died on Wednesday in a school minibus accident in northwest China's Gansu Province.

    Four children and the bus driver died at the site—15 died a few hours later. Forty-five were hospitalized—with 13 sustaining serious injuries.

    The preschoolers were on their way to kindergarten class in Qingyang City when the collision happened.

    Local authorities said overloading was the cause of the accident.

    The school bus—a 9-seater van—was carrying 62 children and their teacher when it crashed head-on into a truck.

    News of the collision triggered public outcry from thousands of netizens. It exposes the Chinese regime's serious underfunding in China's education system, leaving students in remote regions at a disadvantage.

    Overloading on school buses is regular practice. In September, Chinese traffic police pulled over a minibus crammed with 64 children and two adults.