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    Live the Message - Part I - The Secret to Greatness in Public Speaking


    by PresentationsLive

    There is one single secret to greatness in live presentations. This secret was known to the men who stood at the dawn of the western tradition of oratory and rhetoric. Men like Socrates and Demosthenes knew it. Aristotle didn't like it, but was obliged to admit it as well. It has been practiced by foremost speakers of all kinds through the ages, And it is validated by some of the most advanced research in human psychology and neurology of our modern times. And yet, unless you are one of the very few who can actually read the founding documents of our tradition of orator and rhetoric in the original language, you probably have never been told what this one thing really is, even if you have engaged in advanced studies of rhetoric and oratory at top universities. Now, you can know this one obvious truth...which has been kept a secret for millenia.