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    Course Introduction: Service-Oriented Architecture in a ...


    by GogoTraining

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    This Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) online training course will provide an understanding of SOA in Cloud Computing environment including how to structure a SOA environment, how to manage transactions, the use of servers, planning and analysis, security and implementation. SOA is an architecture approach for defining, linking, and integrating reusable business services that have clear boundaries and are self-contained with their own functionalities. SOA adopts the concept of services - a higher-level abstraction that's independent of application or infrastructure IT platform and of context or other services - to take information technology to a higher level, more suited for interoperable and heterogeneous environments, such as cloud computing environments.

    Course Prerequisites:
    Six months managerial or programmer's experience.

    Course Objectives:
    As a result of taking this SOA training course, you will be able to:
    •Identify the value of Service-Oriented Architecture in Cloud Computing
    •Examine the Concepts of Service-Oriented Architecture in a Cloud Computing Environment
    •Structure a Service-Oriented Architecture in a Cloud Computing Environment
    •Manage Transactions in a Cloud Computing-Based Service-Oriented Architecture
    •Explain Basic Service-Oriented Architecture
    •Explain Business Intelligence in an SOA and Cloud Computing Environment
    •Use Application Servers in a Service-Oriented Architecture
    •Plan an Analysis of a Cloud Computing Service-Oriented Architecture
    •Describe Cloud Computing Service-Oriented Architecture Management
    •Identify Service-Oriented Architecture Security
    •Implement a Cloud Computing Service-Oriented Architecture: Business Perspective
    •Implement a Service-Oriented Architecture: Information Technology (IT) Perspective, 1-877-546-4446