Swimming Pool Etiquette for Kids

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Swimming Pool Etiquette for Kids - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. When you take your children to the swimming pool they are often very excited and can forget their manners. But it is important to their safety and the safety of others if they remember some few simple tips. The first one is, no running. You do not want them running around the swimming pool because it is slippery, they can fall and get hurt. Also, if they are running around and they are yelling, the person taking a nap or trying to take a nap would not be very pleased. Also you want to remind them that when they go to the pool not just to throw their things all over the place but to choose a chair, put all of their toys and their towels and all of their things in one place. Some pools have a rule that everyone needs to take a shower before they jump into the pool. So if they have that rule, remind your kids they need to follow that important rule. Also, if your kids are playing ball, whether it is in the pool, or they are throwing things to dive with, is to watch around them and really, truly try not to hit anyone else that might be in the pool at the same time. And then lastly, and I hate to even mention this, remind your kids, if they have to go to the bathroom, they need to use the restroom and not the pool. So these few simple tips will help your children to have nice manners and for other people who are at the pool to really appreciate your children.