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    Art Showcase: Seduction Sculpture

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Art Showcase: Seduction Sculpture - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. This piece is called Seduction and again it is about the humaness that we all experience when we maybe fall in love. Maybe it is about pity on something smaller than this. Something less powerful. It is very much about the power which can also be considered love. So it is the whole question of that subject seduction, love and power and what those things really mean. This piece started with the torso of the bigger figure, the seductor, which is an old sump pump that I found in a ditch. It was pretty gross. And so I started building with that and this again is another piece of capital to hold him up kinda showing that it is a shoulder but not really having to develop it fully. Once I got to this size sculptor I had to start using life masks because of the scale of the imagery. So I went from this is a cast of a doll's face to a life sized face in order to keep the scale going properly. And that is a big breakthrough for me to start going that direction because now I am casting all kinds of body parts along with my work. This piece is really fun. This was found out in the street. It was an old plant in a pot that was left to completely rot and I pulled it out and shook it. Shook the dirt out and wa-la root bound. There you go. So it just made me think of a brain and the inter-workings of the brain and kinda like a dunce cap or something like that. So that is seduction.