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    Sam Duckworth - Angels In The Snow

    Cooking Vinyl

    by Cooking Vinyl

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    I was introduced to the film "Heavy Water: A film for Chernobyl" at the Uncivilisation festival, at a breakfast screening. Not really knowing what to expect and having just started the day, I wasn't quite ready for the power of this film. The combination of the arresting poetry of Mario Petrucci and a harrowing backdrop of film from the town of Pripyat. "Heavy water" told the story of the Chernobyl disaster in a way I hadn't heard (or seen) before.

    Having purchased the film and many subsequent viewings, I set about writing Angels in the snow. In the time it took for the song to be finished and its release, the Japanese Tsunami hit. Many parallels can be drawn between the Fukushima disaster and the events in Pripyat in 1986. 25 years on and the horrors and panic of nuclear disaster are
    still very prevalent.

    I am honoured to have been given permission to cut footage from the film to my song. The stark images offer little respite from the destruction caused by nuclear meltdown. They act as a reminder of these sad events and offer us a warning for the future and our growing obsession with nuclear warfare.