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    Workshop in Jerusalem Teaches Making Pure Organic Soap


    by NTDTelevision

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    And for people wanting to stay clean and healthy in a natural way, a workshop in Jerusalem teaches people how to make herbal soap, free of chemicals and artificial ingredients. Our correspondents bring you the story.

    Seven women of different ages and backgrounds gather in a small Arabian house, In Jerusalem's quiet Ein Karem neighborhood. Their goal: to learn how to make soap. But not just any soap; organic soap, with natural ingredients.

    Esther Lahman, who conducts the workshop, says she decided to manufacture herbal soap and teach the subject after learning that cosmetics, based on chemicals, can cause cancer.

    [Esther Lahman, Arugot Habosem Organic Cosmetics]:

    "I went to console some friends whose mother had died. And it turned out that she used to be a cosmetician. Then someone brought a newspaper there with a story saying that cosmeticians are exposed to many poisons and are at the top of the list of people who may contract skin cancer."

    The main ingredients for making the soap are oil, sodium hydroxide, and water. But not tap water.

    [Hadar Kleidman, Arugot Habosem Organic Cosmetics]:

    "We use rain water that we collect. And we also use this water to irrigate the plants. So, we do not use any poisonous substances."

    For fragrance, color, and medicinal benefits, different aromatic oils and herbs are added to the mixture, most of which are personally manufactured and grown by Esther in purely organic conditions.

    And that's the main reason people are attracted to the workshop. Limor Halamish is interested in the healing power of herbs. She is mainly concerned for the next generation.

    [Limor Halamish, Learning How to Make Organic Soap]:

    "I looked at my hands and saw how dry they were. My hair is not what it used to be. But most importantly, when you have children you do not want them to suffer...