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    Occupy Wall Street Protesters Evicted from Zuccotti Park


    by NTDTelevision

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    NY protesters show their defiance after their overnight eviction from Zuccotti Park Manhattan. Hundreds have now moved into another Manhattan location -- Foley Square.

    Zuccotti Park -- which has been home to the protesters of the Occupy Wall Street Movement for almost two months -- was finally cleared on Tuesday.

    Police wearing helmets and carrying shields entered the park in New York City’s financial district in the middle of the night. They took more than three hours to clear the park of all the tents, sleeping bags, protest signs and personal belongings of the protesters, who started their occupation on September 17th.

    Authorities claimed the area constituted a risk to health and safety with hundreds of demonstrators sleeping there.

    The New York City Mayor justified the eviction saying that the movement was having a detrimental effect on local businesses and the quality of life of local residents.

    The Mayor said the protestors would be allowed to return once the park got cleaned up. But certain items like tents and sleeping bags would be banned.

    Several hundred protesters have now taken up residence at another location in Manhatten – Foley Square.

    One protester described how the movement had spawned other movements.

    [Priya, Protester From "Occupy Wall Street" Movement]:
    "Next is that, uh, ... It's disorienting, it's demoralizing, I think it's definitely a blow, but you know, the fact that this movement ignited a national and an international movement shows you there's such a hunger and a need and a desire and a timeliness that this is wanted, you know? So we're going to continue. We just need to formulate a strategy of how we're going to do that."

    Tyrone – another protester – felt they should be going back to the park to take over again..