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    More Just Brakes College Station TX Reviews

    THEY TOOK ME RIGHT AWAY!!!! College Station Texas Review Part 1: I had been having a problem with my brakes for some time (since Oct., 2008). On 4/14/10, it got to a point where it was just unsafe to drive my car very far. I called ahead and let Chris know that I was coming in, and when I got there, they took the car in right away.

    NO ONE ELSE COULD FIGURE OUT THE PROBLEM..????? College Station Texas Review Part 3: I have no doubt that they've finally fixed the underlying problem. In the last year and a half, I've spent an unjustifiable amount of money on my brakes ( at one of your competitors), and it's only been over a matter of about 15,000 miles. No one else could figure out what the problem was. Not only that, but Chris explained the situation to me and visually showed me (which helped me understand it) what was going on.