Panda Pengpeng Recovers from Eye Surgery

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One male panda is recovering from eye surgery at a zoo in Shanghai today. One of Pengpeng's cataracts needed to come out because it was making his vision blurry.

In the Shanghai Zoo, resident male panda Pengpeng is recovering from cataract surgery. Doctors operated on the 12-year-old panda's eye on Thursday to help him recover from blurred vision.

Pengpeng suffered from an increasingly cloudy cataract that the doctors removed. An intraocular lens is normally used to replace cataracts in humans, but can't be applied to pandas. Pengpeng's vision will not be as sharp, but his sensitivity to light should become better.

[Ji Yinghong, Ophthalmologist]:
"I think the hemorrhage in the eye will disappear within a week or two. After that, his eyesight will be much better."

The one-hour surgery went without problems, and Pengpeng has since been sleeping in the daytime to recover. He is under constant care from zookeepers and doctors.