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    ConocoPhillips Blamed for Negligence on Bohai Bay Oil Spill


    by NTDTelevision

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    Investigations on the Bohai Bay oil spill have come to a close. Chinese authorities concluded the Chinese subsidiary of ConocoPhillips is at fault for negligence. The statement was issued on their website on Friday.

    The spill that was investigated took place in early June in Penglai 19-3, China's largest oil field operated by companies ConocoPhillips and China National Offshore Oil Corp.

    China's maritime authorities say the company has failed to meet the August 31st clean-up deadline, but ConocoPhillips states they have.

    The company has already halted oil production, and it is unclear what more is expected of them.

    The Oceanic Administration states they plan to take legal action against ConocoPhillips for damage incurred, including losses for regional fisheries.