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    Meat Loaf: I Would Do Anything For Love, Live! (HD)


    by forhispanos

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    Newsflash...That is Aspen Miller singing the female lead in this clip; not Patti Russo. You might want to edit your caption and give her the proper credit. Patti Russo was Meatloaf's lead female singer prior to her departure and Aspen joining the group. A lot of people don't give Aspen the credit she deserves. I am a long time fan who really loves the original Ellen Foley vocals on " Paradise By the Dashboard Light" and Lorraine Crosby/aka Mrs Loud on "I Would Do Anything for Love." However, Karla DeVito worked a lip synch into a fantastic vocal performance back in the earlier days of Meatloaf. When Aspen Miller joined the group, I really didn't think a tiny gal like her had the vocal strength to belt out some of those highly emotional lyrics. She was and is a great singer in her own right. However, she really met the challenge and has done a wonderful job on those tunes in the videos that I have viewed. Quite frankly, I was surprised & very pleased with her mastering of those tunes.
    By Greg5503 years ago