Roberto Baggio ~ Fantasista (4Dfoot)

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door 4Dfoot

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The prototypical Italian player is the cynical, effectice, man-marking defender. The player who knows more than anyone how to turn the greatest of strikers into a useless bystanders. But looking at the current Italian team, something just as traditionally Italian is missing from the side. Where is the new Rivera, Mazzola, Del Piero, Zola, Totti or Baggio? Where is that technically gifted player who can both create chances and score tons of goals? Where is, as the Italians call it, Italy's new Fantasista?

In celebration of one such Fantasista, 4Dfoot had created an homage to Roberto Baggio. Watch his greatest goals and dribbles, his highs and lows, for Fiorentina, Juventus, Milan, Bologna, Inter, Brescia and the Italian national team.

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