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    (Lil Wayne & Kanye West) Niggas In Skirts - WTFHH Ep. 4


    by ThatsAllHipHop

    I just want to know what are these artist doing are they trying to set a trend or are they just lazy to put on normal cloths check out the images below

    Lil Wayne At The VMA's:

    Lil Wayne At MTV 2 Awards Wearing A Yellow Fluffy Hat, A Bag On His Waist, And Leopard Pajamas:*XzS2iP4anveY-nroYr8CpXbVfvjns-e9URkATttijEAYSgEIu90NO4B4phRzePV*Zx0WAFoGtfup7vAg__/AeEKRUACMAA7sH9.jpg*6gRG2yrF91ud3NzpCp7rhnnSEJdJQyZF4aov/lilwaynemtv2suckerfreeawards5.jpg

    Kanye West A Skirt At A Watch The Throne Performance:

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