Sex in the brain: do men and women think differently?


by WORLDwrite

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Few today believe women are less intelligent, but some scientists say it’s time to accept male and female brains are differently wired. With the world still divided according to gender, however, critics argue the development of the brain is always influenced by cultural assumptions. In this extraordinary debate filmed at the Battle of Ideas, the issue gets heated with ‘scientism’ turning the clocks back and insisting male and female capabilities are fixed. Speakers include Dr Ellie Lee, reader in social policy, University of Kent, Canterbury; Dr Maurizio Meloni, research fellow, Institute for Science and Society, University of Nottingham; Dr Anne Moir, neuropsychologist; author, Brain Sex: the real difference between men and women & Dick Swaab, professor of neurobiology, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, University of Amsterdam. The chair is journalist and writer Timandra Harkness. This debate formed part of the Battle for our Brains strand at the Battle of Ideas, supported by the Wellcome Trust.

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What a gripping debate. There is such little difference between men and women nowadays (as one speaker says) in what we do, what we think, our attitudes etc. It is a big concern I have that more and more now neuroscience is being used to say women and men are so different, that, for example, we need more women in politics and businesses as they bring are more sensitive perspective and thinking to the table! It really is such a backward step and I am sure women who fought to get the vote and get out of the home would be horrified. There seems to be a turn towards biologically determining who we are, we need to resist and challenge this.
By Vivregan 3 years ago