Fairy Tail - Episode 105 - Fire Dragon vs. Flame God

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Natsu faces off against Zancrow, one of Master Hade's specially trained Wizards, the 7 Kin of Purgatory! Zancrow proclaims himself to be a God Slayer, with control of flames that even Natsu can't eat! Meanwhile, the rest of Fairy Tail is scattered and facing their own challengers. Is there any way for Natsu to win?!


try watchin wuxiaspear's version it is way better
By dm_50151908469e9 2 years ago
I can't either! ;(
By Inspect0rSpacetime 3 years ago
Me Too I can't watch Ypur Videos Too
By Jasmine Tizon 3 years ago
I have the same problem your videos dont seem to want to load
By LCDR. Hammond 3 years ago
I can't seem to watch ur videos o.o
By Samantha Lui 3 years ago