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    Yao Ming Enrolls at Shanghai University


    by NTDTelevision

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    Former Chinese basketball star Yao Ming is starting a new life... as a student. He began his studies at a Shanghai university, majoring in economics.

    Content: Chinese basketball star Yao Ming showed up for the first day of school at Shanghai Jiao Tong University Tuesday.

    [Yao Ming, Former Basketball Player]:
    "This is the first day for class and my teachers have been kind to me. They didn't give me any homework. What we did mainly today was getting to know each other and mutual communication. They want to know about my knowledge level so as to work out specific ways to teach me. I'm quite motivated to learn. As you know I was out of school at a young age."

    Yao Ming is enrolled as an undergraduate student, majoring in economics.

    The university also allows him to have one-on-one classes with professors, as well as to attend classes with other students.

    Students are thrilled about having Yao Ming at their school.

    "His enrollment has excited students and teachers alike here. We hope we can communicate with him a lot."

    "We can make the university a good place for him to learn. I believe that he himself also wants to fit in with us. I hope students can accept him as early as possible."

    In July, Yao Ming announced his retirement from the Houston Rockets due to injuries. The team made him a global star and become part of the Chinese national team.